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Hey guys what's good


I'm graduating with my CS degree in December and saw Roblox has an open SE position for new college graduates. I know a few of you guys have been involved there, I have a few application questions. Also, what would you guys think about emailing Shedletsky and asking for a recommendation letter or advice? I figured he might help me out if he remembered I was one of the first Mods here and showed him my portfolio.

Also, fuck you guys the site being down :( I missed y'all. The is the best forum to check a couple times a year, wanna come back more. <3

I joined today bc I found this website while going through Roblox Wikia but I mean if you are one of the original mods from before the wipe, then it wouldn't hurt you to email Shedletsky if he somewhat remembers you.

The way you are most likely gonna get a job tho is by applying through

GL tho bruh, hope you get what you want.


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