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  i think its time to open a personal bank account
Posted by: wukong - 01-26-2018, 08:51 AM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (3)

so get this

after christmas, i had 220 pounds (in cash)
i used around 30 quid for food
i used another 20 quid to pay off a debt + get some things online for my headphones

that's 170 pounds left right

so i check a week or two later, i only have 150 pounds
hm, thats strange, maybe i miscounted right?

another week passes
i only have 120 pounds
i know for a fact that i didn't take any money out, so how am i down by thirty pounds (or even fifty pounds)?

i have suspicion it's my brother, but my dad has been complaining that he has no money to pay for his own shit cos all of his money is going to the house and groceries

but my dad would always ask me for money, he'd never take it himself
my brother has taken my money without asking me many times before

on the other hand theres zero rational reason for him to take it, he has a full time job and he's only paying 100 pounds a month for rent - if he's spending his money correctly there's zero reason for him to take it

the only person left is my mum, who hates stealing so she would never do it herself

so i send my brother a whatsapp message asking if he knows why i only have 120 pounds left

he replies saying that he "borrowed" 50 pounds and that he'd pay me back 75

ok fair enough problem solved, but i told him that while i dont mind if he "borrows" my money, thats only if he leaves an IOU letting me know

he tells me his IOU was in his pocket cos he was in a rush


time to open a bank account boys

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  roundel and nuts should like this twitter account
Posted by: Dartz - 01-26-2018, 02:21 AM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (2)


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  How to be good at the game of Pac-Man
Posted by: stereomono - 01-25-2018, 04:35 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (16)

All of the ghosts have their own AI which dictates their movement patterns.

Red Ghost - He mostly follows you in a straight path
Pink Ghost - He tries to ambush you and tries to be one step ahead and works with the Red Ghost
Blue Ghost - He's unpredictable, he's the most dangerous out of all the ghosts I believe.
Orange Ghost - He's a coward and will usually stay to his own corner of the level, he doesn't actively pursue Pac-Man

I don't have a high score in this version of Pac-Man yet as this version isn't very responsive to my arrow keys like a joystick.

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  anyone remember build your own combat ship
Posted by: Poptartn - 01-25-2018, 07:37 AM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (9)

Where u sail down the conveyor belts
It’s still played a lot imo best game on roblxo

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  Let's play sum games (New feature: Arcade)
Posted by: Dartz - 01-25-2018, 02:12 AM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (5)

i got bored and added an Arcade. just some retro games like tetris, snake, etc. for now - keeping it simple.

warning u all now - i am a GOD at space invaders

if you hold the record for highest score in a game, it will show in your postbit (im currently the undefeated champion fuck u all)

did some custom coding also, u get 50 roundelbucks every time u play!

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  How many soviet constituent states do u think u could name if someone quizzed u on it
Posted by: Roundel - 01-24-2018, 08:57 AM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (4)

I bet I could name like 8 or 9, maybe a few more if my brain was clickin on all cylinders when I got asked (hydrated, well rested, etc)

Constituent REPUBLICS*** lordy

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  What the fuck is this forum
Posted by: Kjv - 01-22-2018, 10:36 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (4)

Just fucking amazing. love yourself :)  holes.

politeness added by maxwell_edison

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  i bought a battle aero
Posted by: Dartz - 01-21-2018, 10:41 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (8)

i'm rly excited. it's 74" so its gonna be sicccc!

its gonna take a while for shipping, but here's a picture from google of the same wing on the same car i have

(for non-car people, the wing)

[Image: 13183351_1726130847625825_1870784300_n.j...Mw%3D%3D.2]

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  ive been playing elders scrolls online
Posted by: Dartz - 01-21-2018, 02:52 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (4)

myself, like most of us here, am a big elders scrolls fan but i never played ESO when it came out (also probably like most ppl here)

i decided to finally give it a try, since its not like pay monthly anymore, and its pretty fun. ive been playing on xbox and not pc, so the fight controls are kinda goofy, but overall its enjoyable. it feels odd to be playing an mmorpg on a console for once. looks like a rly big and intricate world, and its the first game ive ever played in 4k. also theres lootboxes i think, fuck that. im like level 10 so far, so im still a noob and learning.,

anybody else here play/have played? what did you think about it? any tips?

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  does anyone have an archive/screenshots of The Tavern
Posted by: SDC - 01-19-2018, 10:07 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (1)

just wondering thx

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