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Author Topic: A portion of a story!  (Read 30 times)


A portion of a story!
« on: June 06, 2022, 10:08:21 PM »

 Cranbarrow Drive - Chapter 1
   It all started in Cranbarrow Drive, where Alice and her neighbor Matthew rode their bikes. They both slowed down to let a red Honda pass by. “Alice, have you ever seen that car before?” Alice stopped to think, “I don’t believe so.”  Cranbarrow Drive was a very quiet place, everyone knows everyone there. But this seemed off to them, they rode their bikes everyday together wouldn’t they have seen a moving truck of some kind? They saw the Honda drive to the house across Matthew’s. “Did they always used to live across from you?” Alice turned her head around to Matthew. “Not that I remember.” “Wanna go say hello to them?” “I don’t know Alice… This is kinda fishy.” “We’ll just say hi okay?” “Okay, but that’s it.” Alice and Matthew drove to the new cars house. Coming out the door was someone they have never seen before. The person was holding a brown bag full of groceries. “Uh… Hello!” The person turned around, “Hello! And who are you two?” “We just came to say hello! I was wondering though, when did you move here?” “Oh I’ve been here for some years, I believe i’ve been here for 7 years.” Matthew turned to Alice whispering, “Woah, seven years! That’s practically all of our life!” Alice ignored Matthew, “Thank you…” “Patterson.” “Thank you Mrs Patterson!” “Your welcome dear! Now head back home it’s almost five.” “Okay!” Alice and Matthew went their separate ways.
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Re: A portion of a story!
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2022, 05:48:19 PM »

very good story! i encourage you to continue writing and post more !!
my name is,,,,,,,,, sdcore B) but you can call me sdcore
i work on things and stuff!!!!!!!!! programmer by day and sleeper by night (i also game)

discord: sdcore#0001