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what is your favorite vice
[shadow=yellow,left][glow=yellow,2,300]it can be drug or something i dont know

i like lsd becuas i can escape from the realities of the world and i get out of this godam meat cage

no judjgment be nice okay pelase
when i take lsd i become more aware of my 'meat cage', i dont really escape it :(
I do too many drugs. I'm functioning very well but I think my use of extremely powerful psychoactives is fucking with my head. Amphetamines make me productive and Benzos fuck me up when I don't want to function. I feel like I need a better grasp of my reality and to stop worrying about the lack of meaning surrounding me and embrace what I have. I got the call so now is time to hang up the phone. Hallucinogens are great but some shit doesn't need to be fucked with When you aren't ready for a change and I've been going heavily on MXE, DMT, and, 2C-E recently.

Not drug related, I hold a lot of resentment in me but I can't let it out because it would hurt people who don't deserve it.

I'm also very very manipulative. Normally not in mean ways though.

My favorite vice would probably be drugs though. Specifically MXE, Amphetamines, or Opioids..
Adrenaline, sweat, hard work. Weed was fun when chilling with buddies but I didn't go farther than that. I don't drink unless I'm with a friend either.
sex obviously
Roundel Wrote:sex obviously

what's sex

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