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Thread Contributor: Dartzwait who is ottercookies
am i late to the game or somethin but who tf is this guy
Our God.
someone's alternate personality
he's a beast
wouldn't say God
but hes up there
(just play along)
the guy with a big dingdong
[Image: 929bfaccc0e130bd8fdb925412a227f2.png]
Our friendly neighborhood retard
I don't want to disappoint you
a legend

the stuff he thinks of holy moly hes a clever dude

this is my personal favorite of his works:

Title: New Vidoe Game Idea (Rareware)

(im a huge ottercookies fanboy)
here i will copy paste some of my favorite ottercookies posts

Quote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]i dont Mean to be a Doubles Avocate but How do I Do that[/shadow][/glow]

Quote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]I donot Know ifyour trying to get A ruse outt of me but ,I dont want any BEEF so pleasse hop Off my Jock...[/shadow][/glow]

Quote:[shadow=yellow,left][glow=yellow,2,300]what do your guys thing about the election? i like jeb bush Becase he is a fridndly fellow..also ted cruez looks Like he eats gabrage at the movie theater Instead of buying some Go'damn popcormnn [/glow][/shadow]

Ottercookies2 Wrote:
chasE Wrote:
Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]yeah,, i migth die One day... But at least Im Not gonna Die a Lil Bitch.... im a true badass...[/shadow][/glow]

yes you are sword master

[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left] i Dont' mean To brag but recenntly Im Becoming A gun Master too.... never let your Grind Go..[/shadow][/glow]

(about girls)
Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]i like Their Heart... and When they Donot Hit me When I mess up[/shadow][/glow]

Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]I weant To Roll up A FAT BLUNTweith the Panema papers...your know what ims aying??[/shadow][/glow]

(i downsized the image in this one)
Ottercookies2 Wrote:[shadow=yellow,left][glow=yellow,2,300]a lil Sumething Sumething for my IreonNoobs[img width=50][/img][/glow][/shadow]

(popcorn asked for what he should make a music video about or something)
Ottercookies2 Wrote:
Popcorn897 Wrote:
Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]make yorueslf smoking Some GOOD SHIT[/shadow][/glow]

I feel like I should repeat, this is for school. Either way, I think I've got something. Thanks for your help otter god

[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]its ok Brro theiy'll understand if its For School... First Amandment Biches... wright toSMOKE KOUSH[/shadow][/glow]

Ottercookies2 Wrote:
chasE Wrote:
Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left][/shadow][/glow]

you even put links in red..,)

[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]its Just theat Ottercookies LIfestyle.... U,feel me.[/shadow][/glow]

Ottercookies2 Wrote:
chasE Wrote:Feelings hurt, but thank you for backing me up.
The autistic dicksuck of IN is ottercookies, not me.

[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]what the fuc! chase.... that was a Bad idea., too beef with the one& only Otter..... now Im gonna have To Fuck your Bitch bro[/shadow][/glow]

Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left] I, ottercookes; Argee. My electric style can a bit confusing to sum of the Commonners. you'le never See me advocating for Shitteing onthe Common Man[/shadow][/glow]

(someone was asking if anyone was selling pc parts)
Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]Why yes,,.. I am Selleing My used Dell Mouse.... Also i will trow in a Free DragonballZ mouse pasd thathas a little bite taken out fo it For free.... $70[/shadow][/glow]

(title: Would you bang a ghost?)
Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]i donnt Mean this forum to be Wierd-but if you had the chance woull,d You fuck a ghost??? evry night when i get in too my bed I hear wispering... I think a ghost wants to Bang Me....But would that be homsexual??[/shadow][/glow]

Ottercookies2 Wrote:
mustyoshi Wrote:Today is 4,25
[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]eeveryday is 4-20 If You Bevieve In It[/shadow][/glow]

(title: extraordenary Jape)
Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]my guinea pig was layeing on my chest While I was watch some Pawn Strars....well OF coure I wasnt wareing a shirt becase Im a badass...... And, that fucking Idiot Pig bit my godfucking nipple..... This Shit HURTS!!![/shadow][/glow]

Ottercookies2 Wrote:
unimp Wrote:
Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]Listen hear you hideous Abortions. your both adopted (and if your adopted In real life Im sorry I didnet meant this to Offen,d)[/shadow][/glow]
at least someone wanted to have me, unlike you where your parents think about suicide daily just because they have to put up with you
[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]Actualy its not just my parnts All of my friends and acquantinces want to Kill themselves too[/shadow][/glow]

Ottercookies2 Wrote:
mustyoshi Wrote:Small dick reporting in

[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]i Kn'ew this Formum was in good hands[/shadow][/glow]

Ottercookies2 Wrote:[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]good Works Darts. But pelease Run This updates by me First next time., Im; the Elected overseer Around this Sight[/shadow][/glow]
[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]im the Spokesmen for the People.....basiclly 1/2 goku 1/2 barack obama 1/2 anaconnda...... thanks To my ffriend,s you warmed this Old Otters' heart like an hot pocket cooked for 30 minutes.....[/shadow][/glow]
someone told me that ottercookie's dick broke the world record for tallest man-made structure

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