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#ironnoob-gate - okay, let's sort this shit out
i temporarily banned chase until we get this shit sorted out
and according to sources, cowie is mainly behind all the shitstorm so idk, he's banned now until we figure something out

there was a good 10-15 different IP's on chase's account
that could just be a result of him signing in from different places, but idk for sure, seems weird even for that

edit 2:
i went ahead and changed chase's password
if you wanna get your account back, contact me on steam @
i do know the real chase's steam so don't try to fuck me over sry

edit 50:
shit's sorted, supervision required, #RIPIronnoobGate2016
The story from my perspective:

chasE as a dumbass posts his account password because he's gonna make a new one or some shit and doesn't care.
He thinks people would just harmlessly fuck around on his account
I log in as chasE and delete the posts
Cowie takes the account, changes the password and begins shitposting furiously
changes pics to annoying/offensive shit and goes around being a massive fag
chasE finally goes "oh shit maybe that was a bad idea"
I let SDC know and now we're here.

I don't want to disappoint you
chasE^acL Wrote:It is I

do the good and message me on the steam yo
what the fuck did I miss
[Image: 929bfaccc0e130bd8fdb925412a227f2.png]
Maxwell_Edison Wrote:what the fuck did I miss

dont worry it was nbd

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