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Thread Contributor: Maxwell_Edisonabout that gay nightclub shooting
we've all heard the news where some fuck shot up a gay nightclub, but what genuinely confuses me is the fact he managed to kill 50 people, then injure 50 more, a total of 100 people, without being taken down

Now I'm no expert on nightclubs, but I know that most of them have pretty tough security.  Can you imagine, if ANY bouncers had been carrying a gun, this could have saved dozens of lives?

Officials said he was using an AR-15-like-rifle and pistols.  I'm no expert, but I doubt any of these guns carried 50-round-magazines. (One source claim the gun was a Sig Sauer MCX instead of an AR-15)

This means this fucker had to fire all his rounds, then RELOAD his damn gun, to achieve this effect.  Like I guess bullets can go through people, but 100 people in total killed or wounded?  This doesn't strike me as something that was a run-and-gun, few-second-long attack.  This seemed like an elongated killing spree.

And you're telling me, no fucking security person was armed with a gun?  It just seems really fishy to me.  I never like to be the guy to go "more guns is the answer!", but places like this often have people with weaponry for a reason.  And dozens of lives could of been saved if competent security was hired.

Edit:  google says there were infact some armed guards and fire was exchanged
I have no fucking idea how someone can manage to kill 50, injure 50 more, all while under fire from armed guards.

Rubbish.  You'd hope trained security could out shoot that Omar guy, but apparently not only could they not do that, but couldn't even stop his attack enough to protect the 100 people affected.  Suppression fire, a well-placed shot to the head, whatever method, could of easily unfucked the situation.
[Image: 929bfaccc0e130bd8fdb925412a227f2.png]
Yeah I wondered about that too. The guy dodge bullets or were all the security guards stormtroopers?
I don't want to disappoint you
Popcorn897 Wrote:Yeah I wondered about that too. The guy dodge bullets or were all the security guards stormtroopers?

and when did the guards start engaging?
Either they engaged during the mass shooting, in which, they couldn't hit a guy focused on killing 50 people,
or they did it after the majority of the shooting started, in which case, wtf
[Image: 929bfaccc0e130bd8fdb925412a227f2.png]
it's confirmed
the shooting was a plot by the government to weed out gays and lessen the population
all the bodyguards were paid hefty amounts to flee the scene with their life as long as they didn't shoot the shooter

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