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Your savior is here
basically did everything musty was too lazy to do

- Enhanced Cloudflare security settings and cache optimization for speed & security respectively
- Renamed boards (fuk u yoshi, hosting a board that looks hacked like that doesn't look good on my hosting)
- Removed admin board
- Removed excess DB tables/users and changed IN db pass
- Reduced CAPTCHA difficulty immensely (fuck them) and enabled security question for new users
- Ran routine maintenance, optimized DB
- Removed excess usergroups and revamped Admin usergroup
- Added more news headliners
- Fixed the https bullshit that fucked up CSS (100% sure i fixed it this time)
- Deleted every registered spambot
- The OG SMF theme is the only theme now
- Disabled reporting bc its annoying as fuck for admins and who the fuck needs moderation?? On the same note, disabled the warning system
Tfw Dartz is the hero we need, but not the one we deserve.
fuck u ill always be a cocklover
fucking thank you
musty,stop being so lazy
could we at least add descriptions to the boards? it looks so naked without them
[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]good Works Darts. But pelease Run This updates by me First next time., Im; the Elected overseer Around this Sight[/shadow][/glow]
petition to demote musty to regular user and have Dartz run the site completely
[Image: 929bfaccc0e130bd8fdb925412a227f2.png]
Maxwell_Edison Wrote:petition to demote musty to regular user and have Dartz run the site completely
fuk dat
why did u rename the hall of fame :(
did u un admin me :(
what the fuck is going on
I don't want to disappoint you
Roundel Wrote:did u un admin me :(

no i didn't i know that changing anyones permissions would result in a shitfuck
ill ask musty if he did and if he didnt then ill change u back to admin

and to the other guy, no i would never take the site from musty. i'm just hosting it, the site is 100% absolutely mustyoshi's and i'd never betray the trust of one of my best friends by doin some shady doo daa like tht
Roundel Wrote:did u un admin me :(
The hacker did when he took over


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