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This is pretty sad.
I was just some shitposting troll when old IN was around.  Pretty sad that the site turned out to be this vacant and pathetic. 

So fill me in:
Who started this? Are there any actual legitimate plans to get the site up and rolling again?
its rolling right now  8)

it comes and goes, right now its mostly gone, but eventually it will probably come again. a lot of us still talk to eachother so u never know, its been more active int he last few months than it was for a while
the key is just post, whatever u want, dont evne worry about it being stupid, cause once there's more activity the legitimate posts will come. shitposting is the key to saving ironnoob

who did u shitpost as maybe i already love u
Think I was under the name of "Yalx", "Buffalonian" or "Castiel". Dunno to be honest.  I just remember I annoyed the fuck out of the one admin (one of the two who shut down the site) and he banned me constantly.  The only people around seem the be the friendly ones, and the people who seemed to be on their period every fucking day are gone.

Think we should have some kind of new steam group with only the active people in it.  From there we could possibly advertise, and people may come and older members should come back.  If you would like, add my steam.  It's my website link on my profile.
i dont use steam tho my man :(
Roundel Wrote:i dont use steam tho my man :(

it's ok
I got nuts friended and shit and there's probably some other admin that could make a new group for it
chibi was shit AF

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