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Stop abusing admin/mod powers.
You little ferks. I don't want to take it away because that means I'll have to visit this site and actually moderate it more often.

This is supposed to be our little corner of the internet where we goof off and have fun, not piss eachother off and act like children.
all I did was ask if I should follow a film education in Colorado and everything went to shit :o
u must not be familiar with INs roots
afaik no one was abusing it
anything done was really in good fun
nobody was fucking abusing admin there was like one lock lol
[Image: 929bfaccc0e130bd8fdb925412a227f2.png]
Just mod me and we'll be alright
I don't want to disappoint you
Popcorn897 Wrote:Just mod me and we'll be alright
No more mods!!!111
why did u leave the thread locked

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