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Not many of you watch F1, but in case any of you are interested;
I made a quick little program that lets you see for current drivers which other drivers had had similar levels of success at this point in their career. Any requests?

Valtteri Bottas for example:
[Image: v8aLZgz.png]

I can also do historical drivers at whichever point of their career you'd be interested in seeing (like Schumacher in 1995 or w/e), or active drivers at past points. I can tweak the "success rating" to be whichever stat you'd like to see also! "success rating" is just a quick measure of career success I whipped up involving race and qualifying results.
sebastian vettel
Zakoth Wrote:sebastian vettel

added a rank column

[Image: vH8zDaF.png]

edit: interestingly, these are all right directly in the prime of each of these drivers. all of these drivers except moss & coulthard (who never won championships) won championships within 2 years of this point in their careers

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