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My life update
Why do I like shitposting (well, used to anyway)?
I was bored... people in school are stupid... I was short-sighted... that's pretty much it.

Now that I actually use my time wisely and spend less time in my web-browser... also, I got faster internet and hard-drive, so that made me realize that I'm wasting my time (Refreshing the same page 5 times in 5 seconds?!)

I decided to rewrite my puzzle game to run in LuaJIT, and got rid of the C-based engine. I'm working on rewriting the scripts in moonscript. Yes, I still work on it lol

I'm also actively updating my script for that online game that most people came to IronNoob (including me) in the first place like sheep:

I'm working on some projects for the PS2... but there's not much on that.

I have a project that converts SPC files (that contain SNES audio processor dumps) to Impulse Tracker files...

I still work on Minecraft mods...

Hit me up on irc (my username is uyjulian on freenode, efnet, rizon, and swiftirc), tox (you can find the key at my website), or skype

It's fun when you know what to do with free time :-)

nobody cares

jk we all love you
[Image: 929bfaccc0e130bd8fdb925412a227f2.png]
think you mistakened ironnoob for a caring place
chasE Wrote:think you mistakened ironnoob for a caring place

I care
I don't want to disappoint you
i love u julalu
Popcorn897 Wrote:
chasE Wrote:think you mistakened ironnoob for a caring place

I care

was saying that as a community
ily julialy

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