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Just optimized some C code and now it's running 22 orders of magnitude(!) faster
Hory sheeeeeeeeeet  :o :o :o

To put that in perspective, if it took 1 second to run now, that means the old version would have taken 23,000 times the age of the universe

And it's just from using the cache better!!!!!!
What was the old code, and the new code?
[glow=yellow,2,300][shadow=yellow,left]Bro., Roundle, Are you fuckeing shitteing me right now? thats' some Badass Shit right there.., Look out Guys we got fucking NASA here.... HA ha ha im just joking your awesome as usual[/shadow][/glow]
lol -O4 and -march=native arguments make your codes go extremely fast

but I mainly use luajit anyway, because it's fast enough for me

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