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Thread Contributor: AnOldFaceIf you were here, I genuinely enjoy you has a person

I wonder what happened to you all.. I miss you all dearly

So many random times its like you're all spirits waving through the abyss of the internet

If you recognize your face  or name just know you have been a great person in my life and I GREATLY miss those times. Even if you aren't but you KNOW them please come forward 

I miss you and today is just not the same without all of you :( 

Good travels too all of you I hope your lives are well
Tbh I don’t think these people would appreciate posting their faces with their usernames
But ya man old days were so good
(05-11-2018, 06:29 AM)Roundel Wrote: Tbh I don’t think these people would appreciate posting their faces with their usernames

yea this is a little creepy lol
I think nutsnbolts is the only person from that list on here, he looks so young lol

I'll hit him up and tell him to check this thread
Lol This is like the One RT album Neither me Nor my brother is in; I know Most of this ppl, some I still keep in cotact with 
holy shit nuts looks way different without a beard

other than that i dont recognise many people here, rainbow and stanley (if thats the right stanley from IN too) rings a bell

most RTers weren't on IN from what i can recall, and if they were they would not have kept in contact with anyone who still uses IN today, or were on the site longer than a year

i have a stanley on my steam that i know through ironnoob. i'll ask him to see if he's stanleyjustrocks, cos he often just goes by stanley now

how'd you find us again btw, google?
mfw i was hardcore RT before any of this went down
That's a lot of people.
am i the only one who thinks this post is kinda cringy/sad
[Image: 929bfaccc0e130bd8fdb925412a227f2.png]
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I miss Erika.

I wanna go see her but she hops across the country so much. She's dating Kyle who works for Roblox or is an intern I think. Erika had some medical issues. I'd love to see her though.

We talk occasionally. Also one of those rt girls recently committed suicide. I forget her name. Nathan (elasticpoop) knows.

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