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Thread Contributor: hootalooCatching Up
I think it'd be quite interesting to see.
I talk a lot with Unimproved, especially about CS:GO.
On Twitter I kept a lot of contact with Maxwell.

Without IronNoob I spent most of my forum time either on BlockLand forums or drawing.
Man oh man, let me tell you how much of a stupid place the BlockLand forums still is. I'm happy to say I left a while ago.

So like I said, I've been drawing a lot, I thought to do a challenge where I draw one thing a day, to see how that went, but I quickly ran out of time because graduation and driving lessons.
Here is some of my recent art though:
[img height=200][/img] [img height=200][/img] [img height=200][/img]
[img height=200][/img] [img height=200][/img] [img height=50][/img] <- NSFW Tits

I also asked if Void or Sundays were interested but they denied. I can imagine they're tired. I'm just glad I can no longer exist on Blockland.
Anyways, how have you been?
I've been goooooooddddd.

I like Ironnoob existing again.
I can barely remember how long it's been since this site died. All I can say is that I'm somewhat pleased it's back.

In the time we've been gone I've done so much shit it's unbelievable. I got into mapping for TF2 and joined, and about just over a month ago I was made staff there. I've been continuing my battle with depression and I've also started pushing forward with my transgender transition, I've been on hormone blockers for a few months now and next year I should be starting hormones.

How are you fine folks doing?
Ive got a year left of college. I'm sma manager at mcdonalds. I'm still working on my dumb space game. Working on YoshiBB still. Idk, I've been good. It's great to see the lot of you guys again.
i haven't done shit and just spent my IN time on csgo and watching shitty youtube videos

gonna do aircraft maintenance next year
unimp Wrote:i haven't done shit and just spent my IN time on csgo and watching shitty youtube videos

gonna do aircraft maintenance next year
tell me more about the aircraft maintenance thats super interesting
im still in school, gonna graduate eventually then i'll be an economist or something  ;D
sundays hated IN but he's gonna come eventually lol

your art skills have gotten better, good job man
I've started to take web design seriously. I've changed my battlestation to help me use it better for games and site testing. Started a portfolio and a Material Design based CSS framework.

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