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my city is burning down
there's a been a bunch of giant fires around southern california/los angeles county in the past few days. one of the giant ones is super close to my house. yesterday was really bad - roads were closed, power was out most of the day, couldn't really see outside. lots of good ppl lost their homes. today, they're making progress on the fire - but we ain't clear yet. and we haven't been hit nearly as hard as ventura - they got utterly fucked lol.

my city is santa clarita, which has six flags magic mountain (rollercoaster park) in the center of it. this made for some pretty cool pictures (shown below)

also if u guys reddit, there's a pic going around of a guy trying to save his xbox from the fire. it's on r/photoshopbattles + a few other subs (/pics?) - that's from this fire also

[Image: sN8yV66.png]

[Image: Tn75xJB.png]
map showing coverage as of a few hours ago

[Image: mVTvQL5.png]
My mom was worried about fires for a while. She's in NW Montana.
just buy an extinguisher, ez
I heard a story on npr a few weeks ago where a family survived a wild fire passing over them and burning down their house by getting in their pool. It was very scary to imagine.
Dam California seems like a terrible place to live
(12-07-2017, 03:12 PM)Roundel Wrote: Dam California seems like a terrible place to live

Oh no my house is shaking and also expensive ahh I'm on fire also

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