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im trying to computer generate rap beats
i kno i kno, procedurally generated music sucks or whateva. BUT trust me. im coming at this from a whole new angle

as someone intimately familiar with the genre of 'rap beats', i can tell u rn that it can be done. its soo formulaic.

i already reverse engineered FL's .flp file format using a doc from 1999 and my pure genius leet skillz, and i've been able to create fruity loops projects from pure code. I haven't refined the generation algorithm itself yet, but take a look at how much promise is here just from changing the concept from "writing music" to "generating an .flp" and sspending ~30 mins writing music generation code

just click trhu these bad boys. nothing super special compared to humans, but imo pretty good for a computer
share the code
1. make into website
2. let users pick a seed based off some type of input value (e.g. username)
3. post to reddit
4. ???
5. profit
r/InternetIsBeautiful generate a rap beat based off your reddit username!
+ 20,000
I used to love sampling stuff in FL to make more stuff but I lost interest ages ago. I might have a few songs still somewhere deep and hidden that I cba to look for. None of them were chiptune nor 5 minutes of record pops with a simple short piano melody looping though so people won't be interest anyway.
send it to Vinesauce, he's used stuff like that for stream music before (though usually with bad results)
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