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Is everyone depressed now or is it just me?
(11-29-2017, 08:50 PM)Stereofriend Wrote:
(11-29-2017, 03:43 PM)Nutsnbolts Wrote: Tbh stay in your room and fucking play video games and be happy. Bad shit happens when you go out and you get in situations and shit. Sometimes I got on weekend benders with friends and if I had internet I'd be more happy playing csgo all weekend instead of spending $400 and doing a bunch of hard drugs and dumb shit.

Or maybe just develop good friends? But either way complications arrive. A lot of my relationships become drug related, fall apart, I end up fucking them, shit like that and it becomes drama. All of which could be avoided if I just played video games a lot and worked. If you want friends, get good makes friends that enjoy shit like hiking and bowling.

I suggest you listen to this.

or maybe you can just like read political/philosophy books (ie smell your farts) and uh lift or something then convince yourself that builds character.

Not sure if you're trying to tell me to not be such an asshole or to think better of myself. Either way thanks and will do. I was feeling kind of shitty yesterday about life so I decided I'm going to read infinite jest and do some volunteer work for Christmas. That'll help?
I'm saying if all your friendships tend to degrade like the ways you listed, you should ask yourself what your involvement is with that and/or why you attract such company. That or "self-improve" (then develop paranoia and psychosis from all the cold showers) because at least then you'll give yourself reasons to think you're better than other people so as to convince yourself you're fine without being friends with the fat and ugly knuckle dragging masses. Obviously the latter isn't what I am sincerely suggesting. Hope volunteering helps btw!
I'm hyper self aware I feel but that doesn't necessarily make some things easier. Bad habits are easy to identify but can be hard to get a grasp on. Also, maybe don't take everything on snapchat seriously. Sometimes I flesh thoughts out on there and it doesn't necessarily manifest as heavily in my day to day life as snapchat would suggest.

I try my best to keep progression and growth in mind but it can be difficult.

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