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ROBLOX Gang Rape
so, it's pretty surreal when I see roblox in the mainstream news, and it's really awesome to see how "our little thing" has grown into such a massive company. i always thought their iOS app was just a cool little addon, but I guess it's actually huge now and the only point of access for a lot of children.

anyway, roblox is now in the news for gang rape

here's a link to an article:

Do u remember having empathy for girls when u were 9
thats a meme
maybe if enough people do obscene things on roblox they'll consider ditching the kids market and turn roblox into the teenager driven developer oriented funland everyone above 13 dreams of, to avoid getting the bad media rep
[Image: 929bfaccc0e130bd8fdb925412a227f2.png]

Looks like they're considering shutting it down
gang bricked
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  • Dartz
Shit, I remember when 1 million players was a big thing. Also, what is experimental mode?
Experimental mode is the new name for "Filtering Disabled".
Filtering Enabled basically doesn't allow most changes from clients except remote functions/events.

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